At Treesmith Enterprises, Inc. safety is our number one priority. According to OSHA statistics the tree care industry is the 5th most dangerous in the country. Since a truly professional company cares about reducing the accident ratio of their employees, we have hired skilled personnel not usually employed in the tree care industry.

1). We are only one of a few Southern California companies to employ a  Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP). Why is this significant? The  latest data from the Tree Care Industry Association shows companies with  CTSP’s on staff are four times less likely to experience a recordable accident.

2.)  We provide in-house training where a safety “culture” is stressed. This in-  house training includes scheduled safety meetings, aerial rescue training and   First Aid/CPR training. We have employed a Certified American Red Cross  Trainer to provide additional regularly scheduled training classes in first aid  and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

By giving this extra care for our own personnel we feel we reflect a spirit of safety which is carried over into care for our customers.